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Dedicated to Latif Khalifa

OpenSim is a niche high-performance graphical gaming platform. Despite isolation from mainstream gaming it has accumulated and retained strong enthusiastic support from amateur and professional content producers. We began experimenting with OpenSim version 6.x. OpenSim platform architecture and subsystems have remained largely unchanged. Some performance improvements have been achieved, most notable improvements are due to consumer broadband networks and affordable high-performance computing.

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Technical Stuff:
OpenSim: All instances, including Robust and simulators operate tracking Dev/Master  (32 and 64 bit installations)
Robust: Linux kernel (CoreOS) 4.x.x Mono 4.9.0 (Tracks Master)
Regions: Linux kernel (CoreOS) 4.x.x Mono 4.9.0 (Tracks Master)
Regions: Windows (Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10 Desktop)

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References: OSSWatch GNU

Links: OpensimWorld Opensimulator