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Notice: OpenSim Dev Master [checked daily] (SIMULATION/0.3 - SIMULATION/0.6) (Robust and Welcome Region)

Dedicated to Latif Khalifa

OpenSim is a niche graphical gaming platform.

Avatar: Billy Bradshaw server administrator

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Technical Stuff:
OpenSim: All instances, including Robust and simulators operate Dev/Master (32 and 64 bit installations)
Robust and Regions: Linux kernel (CoreOS) 4.x.x .. Mono (Master) (using net 4.6.2)
Regions: Windows (Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10 Desktop)
Microsoft (R) Visual C# Compiler version (2ad4aabc) (Roslyn Beta ) (using net 4.6.2)
Xbuild Engine 14.0

Contains OS data © Crown copyright [and database right] (2016)

References: OSSWatch GNU

Links: OpensimWorld Opensimulator